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Why Harlequin Desire

2 Free Books

Take advantage of Harlequin (formerly Silhouette) Desire line's special introductory offer and get 2 sensual romance novels plus 2 mystery gifts completely free of charge. There are no shipping fees or any other hidden charges involved. The offer is real. No catch.


Save ~ 20% off the cover price on every book you purchase at eHarlequin. Take advantage of sales and special offers for even greater savings.

Top Quality Reading

Get access to the finest line of passionate, provocative romance novels out there. The Harlequin Desire books are filled to the brim with strong, intense storylines. The Desire hero is always powerful, wealthy – an alpha male with a sense of arrogance and entitlement. While he may be harsh and direct, he is also capable of being saved and it's up to the heroine to get him there. She, on the other hand, is strong-willed and smart, though capable of making terrible mistakes when it comes to matters of the heart. Often, the novels follow such classic plot lines as revenge, secret pregnancies, marriages of convenience, reunion romances... but above all, every Harlequin Desire novel fulfills the promise of a powerful, passionate and provocative read.

Additional Perks

Receive a members-only newsletter with exclusive offers and promotions; get new books long before they appear in stores; take advantage of the convenient "Bill Me" option and pay by check or money order when your books arrive.

How It Works

Getting Started

To begin your Harlequin Desire experience, simply pick this series at the Reader Service website, fill in the provided form -- only your name, address and email are required -- and click on "Send me my FREE books" button. That's all there is to it; you can expect your free books and 2 mystery gifts to arrive shortly.


Remember: ordering the 2 free books places you under no obligation to buy anything. They are meant as evaluation copies. If you don't like them, or if you change your mind for whatever reason, simply return the shipping statement marked "Cancel" to Harlequin Reader Service and that's that. The books and mystery gifts you received are yours to keep, just for giving Harlequin Desire a try.


If you don't cancel, about a month later you will receive four additional Harlequin Desire books and be billed $4.05 each in the U.S. ($4.74 in Canada), plus 50¢ per book (75¢ in Canada) shipping and handling. And so again the following month, for as long as you wish to keep your subscription.

Commitment and Canceling

There is no commitment (a specified number of books you are required to buy) associated with any Harlequin Reader Service series subscription. You can cancel at any time. Each month when your books arrive you have a choice between purchasing them at the discount price or returning them to Harlequin and cancel your subscription.

Additional Details

Initial Cost
$0.00 (2 FREE books)
Cost Per Book
$4.05 (USA), $4.74 (Canada)
Shipping Cost
50¢ per book (USA), 75¢ per book (Canada)
Monthly Shipment
4 books
Total Monthly Cost
$18.20 ($21.96 in Canada)
Payment Options
MasterCard, Visa, and "Bill Me" (no credit card is necessary – your bill will arrive with the books)
United States and Canada
If you're not satisfied with any shipment, you may return the books and cancel your membership

E-mail: customer_ecare@harlequin.ca

Get 2 Free Books

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2 Free Books
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