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2 FREE books? Is this for real?

Yes. All Harlequin Reader Service continuity programs offer two free books up front as a sort of "try before you buy" formula. You choose the series you'd like to evaluate and two books from this series (you don't get to pick them yourself) will be sent to you free of charge – and that includes shipping fees. If you decide you are not interested in subscribing to that particular series you can cancel further shipments by returning the shipping statement marked "Cancel" to eHarlequin or calling the toll-free number enclosed with the shipment. And that's the only gimmick; you do need go through the effort of canceling otherwise the books will keep coming. The two free novels you received already are yours to keep.

What is Reader Service?

Reader Service is a unique book club. As explained above, readers are invited to sign up for monthly deliveries of books in their favorite series and genres. The books are delivered right to your door before they are available in stores, and there's no obligation to buy anything.

What is the connection between eHarlequin.com and Reader Service?

Both eHarlequin.com and Reader Service are divisions of Harlequin Enterprises Ltd, and both are dedicated to delivering books from all of its series and imprints directly to readers. eHarlequin.com offers customers the option to place individual orders for books of their choice, while Reader Service offers customers the option to subscribe to the series or genre of their choice and get regular monthly shipments.

What is a series?

Romance novels are divided into two subsets: series romances (also known as category romances) and single-title romances. Harlequin publishes several well known imprints which cover both formats. For example, the Harlequin imprint and the Silhouette imprint are homes to some of the most popular romance series (such as Harlequin Presents and Silhouette Desire), while MIRA books is Harlequin's most recognizable single-title imprint.


Series romances are published in clearly delineated lines: a certain number of books are published in each line every month, all the books from the same series are of the same length and share some basic guidelines with regards to general settings, the tone of language, characterization, type of conflict, level of sensuality and so on.

What is a continuity program?

It's a subscription to a series. If you find a series that is particularly to your liking, you might want to subscribe to it and receive a certain number of books each month automatically. It saves time and in some cases money – with some of the series' subscribers pay somewhat less for the same books than those who buy them at the online shop. However, that is not always the case.

Is there a specific number of books I will be obliged to buy if I subscribe to a series?

No. You can cancel any time you want. Each time you receive your monthly shipment, you have a choice between paying the bill and keeping the books, or returning the books and canceling your subscription.

Do I have to join a continuity program to buy Harlequin books?

Not at all. You can buy books at Harlequin's online store as you would at any other online shop. There are actually some advantages to using the eHarlequin online shop as opposed to subscribing to a series, one of those obviously being that you are not tied up to any one particular series so you get to pick exactly which books you want (up to 30 in a single order), from as many series' or imprints as you want. Plus there are other advantages, such as free shipping on orders above $25, and special offers featuring heavily discounted and even completely free books.

Does Harlequin offer only romance books?

Books from other genres are available – mystery, suspense, adventure, chick lit, erotica, paranormal – however, they are still aimed primarily at women.

How much are shipping charges?

Subscribers to continuity programs usually pay 50¢ per book in the USA and 50¢-75¢ (depending on the series) in Canada.


For online orders, several flat-rate shipping options are available:


In the US:

  • Economy ($3.00)
    3 days processing, 6-10 days delivery
  • Expedited ($9.00)
    2 days processing, 2-3 days delivery

In Canada:

  • Standard ($6.50)
    3 days processing, 3-8 days delivery
  • Expedited ($11.00)
    2 days processing, 3-5 days delivery

For first time buyers shipping is free with the "Economy" or "Standard" shipping option. For returning customers shipping is free on orders above $25 (excluding taxes) -- again, you need to choose the "Economy" or "Standard" option.

Does Harlequin ship books overseas?

No. Harlequin does not ship books outside of North America. They do have many international sites though to serve the local needs.

Can I buy Harlequin novels in eBook format?

Yes. Learn more about it in our review or go to the eBook store now.

How do I contact eHarlequin?

General questions, customer care and reading experts:



Technical issues:



Questions about your order:





Go to eHarlequin


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