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To potential members, CBOMC offers an extensive assortment of high quality books for children of all ages: from today's most exciting new choices you can find on popular bestseller lists, via classical evergreens you might remember from your own childhood, to educational books which will help your child learn how to read and write, acquire basic skills with numbers, get acquainted with momentous historical events, learn about biblical heroes, get introduced to the world of scienceall in a fun and accessible way.


Books are organized into subjects based on children's age. Each subject has several sub-categories such as Award Winners and Classics, Bedtime Stories, Picture Books, Board Books, Favorite Characters, Values & Virtues...


Basic Concept and Skillbuilders is a section where you can find board books, picture books and flaps which will help your baby or toddler (age 0-2 and 2-4) learn concepts like counting to ten or cleaning their room or teach them about simple objects, shapes, numbers, letters...


For pre-school children (4-6) Early Reading category is available containing some really marvelous illustrated books which will ease your child into the world of reading. School kids, all the way up to pre-teens, will enjoy some additional sections not unlike those at adult book clubs: Fiction and Non-Fiction, Series-Fiction, Learning & Workbooks, Reference, Science & Nature.


Children's BOMC also features a Parenting section, which contains books that are targeted at parents rather than children; it's a very helpful resource for anyone taking care of a child, with books that offer advice on a plethora of issues such as nutrition and health, behavior and discipline, crafts and activities, tips on how to communicate with your child better, how to help it with home work and so on.


All the books you can find at CBOMC are of highest quality: this is the only children's book club with the editorial resources of the renowned Book-of-the-Month Club behind them, which in itself is enough of a guarantee.


It is worth noting that as a member of the CBOMC you will also have access to all the books that are carried by other Booksonline book clubs such as Doubleday Book Club, The Good Cook, Quality Paperback Book Club, Mystery Guild, Rhapsody Book Club (romance books) and many others. So, there might be something in it for the mom and dad too.

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